Production of low-voltage switchboard equipment

Production of low-voltage switchboard equipment

One of the main activities of “Debora-Electro” is the implementation of complex electrical projects.

Our own production allows us to significantly reduce the terms of delivery and costs of equipment.

We provide maximum flexibility in work with the customer while fulfilling the project on the supply of complex devices.

We offer comprehensive service – from the technological engineering design of low-voltage switchboard equipment to professional commissioning with the relevant operational documentation.

Our advantages

  • Provision of complex supplies of low-voltage electrical equipment for equipping industrial enterprises and construction sites, as well as buildings and structures under construction, in any necessary volume.
  • The widest range of low-voltage complete devices equipment with components of domestic and imported production at competitive prices.
  • Solid work experience in the development and adjustment of electrical equipment.

If the equipment is not in the catalog or does not suit you according to the standard criteria, we can make any equipment according to your order.

At the same time, we will take into account all your wishes:

  • dimensions of the room;
  • degree of dust and moisture protection IP: 31-65;
  • development with a margin of safety or under increased load;
  • mechanisms that increase the convenience of operation;
  • explosion-proof execution of shields;
  • arc protection;
  • additional protection systems;
  • selection and replacement of equipment with analogues;
  • automation systems and much more.


The availability of production facilities allows solving any tasks in the production of switchboard equipment

Design, development and implementation into operation

input-distribution devices 0.4 kV, various control systems, systems АСУ ТП і АСКОЕ

Compilation of low-voltage complete devices according to standard schemes and according to individual schemes of the customer

maximally meeting the requirements and configuration of the object, while remaining a standard of reliability and safety



Щитове обладнання


Щити монтажні (збірні)


Шафи телекомунікаційні (збірні)


Елементи комплектації шаф


Комплектуючі для установки обладнання та прокладки кабелю


Клеми, клемні блоки і нульові шини


Електрообладнання шаф


Комплектуючі для телекомунікаційних шаф


Допоміжні щитові аксесуари


Шини та комплектуючі для шин

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