“DEBORA-ELECTRO” specializes in projecting and producing cables in accordance with Tyco Raychem technology. The process of projecting is executed using HARNWARE software to optimize both the mechanical and electrical aspects of the cables.

Cable production is carried out by professional tool for manufacturing and testing in strict compliance with technological requirements MIL-STD-1553.

Production of tactical optical cables

Currently, fiber optic technology is one of the most important tools of communication. In this regard, production of high quality tactical optical cable assemblies has become a key focus for our company. Fiber optic cable assemblies are used in devices that operate in rigid modes, for example in on-board equipment and in solutions for aggressive environment, at high climatic, mechanical and vibration loads. For all major characteristics, the fiber optic cable surpasses a coaxial one. One of the most essential advantages of the fiber optic cable is resistance to electromagnetic interferences.

Nowadays, providing electromagnetic inferences (EMC) is a key task for radio electronics developers. Therefore, the use of fiber optics allows to provide EMC hardware and it is especially necessary for the transmission of high-frequency signals. Besides, the fiber optic cable is significantly cheaper than the coaxial one.


Cable designing

Computer-aided design (CAD) HarnWare and others relevant programs are used for cable projecting.  It permits us to fully control the harnesses due to their electrical and mechanical design, ensuring their highest quality and reliability.


The documentation, supplied with the cables, contains all related data, such as specification, approximate time, assembly order as well as mechanic and electric scheme.


Our employees are highly qualified specialists. We rely and depend on their in-depth technical knowledge and interdisciplinary skills.


The employees have been trained by TE Connectivity specialists in cable designing at HarnWare CAD as well as in producing and testing according to the instructions of TE Connectivity.

Thanks to a number of trainings and consultations our employees have gained all the necessary knowledge, experience and certificates which allow us to design and produce tactical cables.

Tools and equipment

When producing wire harnesses, we use tools and equipment from the best global manufacturers such as Daniels Manufacturing Corporation, Paladin Tools, Steinel, Glenair, Amphenol, EXFO, FIS. 

So far, we have got a cable shop equipped with a full set of tools and equipment for manufacturing tactical copper and optical cables.

Also, we have the opportunity to perform a cable harness testing even during field maintenance, using special portable equipment kits.

Quality control

Cable harnesses testing is conducted and documented throughout the whole production process to ensure their quality and control.

Cable testing may be produced directly at field conditions.

There are available on stock both automatic and hand-held testers. All the equipment for testing is recommended for use by the leading cable manufacturers.

It is also possible to test end products according to specific client specifications and procedures.

Cable drums manufacturing

Considering long fiber optic jumpers, which are measured in hundreds of meters, with the need to regularly wind and unroll them many times, there is a need to use the cable drum.

It is a simple device which is very often underestimated. It may easily become the weakest point of the system when it is incorrectly selected and designed. 

A good and right (proper) cable drum is not just a coil for easy cable use. It must have an appropriate size to avoid damage of the cable during coiling and deploying.