Energy-efficient technologies

Еnergy efficient technologies

LLC ME “Debora-Electro” occupies one of the leading positions in the market of services on providing construction, installation and repair works for industrial enterprises.

The range of services offered by the company includes the following:

  • Installation of bases and prefabricated monolithic foundations, with the use of piles, as well as foundations arranged by special methods;
  • Erection of metal structures;
  • Erection of prefabricated concrete and reinforced concrete structures;
  • Erection of wooden, monolithic concrete, reinforced concrete and reinforced cement structures;
  • Construction of hydraulic structures and complexes;
  • Installation of technological equipment;
  • Сonstruction of engineering infrastructure objects in terms of production, installation of internal external engineering systems, devices and measuring instruments in the field of water supply and sewerage, heat supply, gas supply, technological pipelines, power supply and electric lighting, automation and control-measuring communication devices: alarm, radio, television, information networks;
  • Fulfilling of commissioning of electrical devices, lifting -transport, metalworking and heat-power equipment, refrigeration and compressor units, automated control systems, ventilation and air conditioning systems, water supply and sewerage equipment;
  • Construction of transport infrastructure facilities objects - railway and tram tracks;

But the main reason to choose our company, from many representatives of the market in construction services, installation and renovation works for industrial enterprises, is the individual and complex approach to solving the costumer’s tasks, including the largest enterprises of Ukraine.

It is not a secret for anybody that there is a rapid increase in tariffs for electricity, gas, heat, water supply, which has been especially noticeable in recent years and the trend is still on. That is why the rational use of energy resources is an important component in the context of doing the profitable business.

The choice of the mentioned customer – enterprises and many others, that have a less significant impact on the economy of Ukraine, fell on our company due to their decision to implement energy-saving technologies.

The motivation for making this decision was one of priority activities of our company. And this is the development of a complex energy-saving measures and their implementation at an industrial enterprise, taking into account the specific of technological production cycles.

We apply an individual approach to each of our customers. Depending on the specifics of customer’s activity, our highly qualified specialists develop the energy-saving technology configurations allowing the customer to minimize energy consumption without reducing the production and economic needs of the customer.

Working with enterprises-customers which work in different directions of Ukraine economy, our experts came to the conclusion, that the economic gap in the budget of the largest enterprises of Ukraine, is the use of old-fashioned, post-Soviet production energy-intensive systems, using the equipment which was produced, as a rule, in Russia before 1970. Unproductive costs for the maintenance of worn-out and long-length heat supply networks, heating, compressed air supply, water, sewerage generally have a negative impact on the financial stability of any enterprise. We can also add to this negative list the equipment (DKVR boilers, PTM, compressor units of the Penza plant, etc.), which efficiency is directly associated with an increase in unproductive energy costs, as a result, of their work principles. Tens of thousands of cubic meters of gas are burned out only to meet the internal needs of boiler houses, the technological process of generating the heat carrier in them is provided by outdated (morally and physically) equipment.

In order to solve the problem of reducing energy consumption, specialists of our company have developed a conceptual solution based on the principle of decentralization, which allows flexibly manage energy consumption i.e., use it only where necessary, while changing the workload of individual sections of production facilities.





The system of measures is based on the principle of maximising the source of energy production to the end user, excluding the use of networks, in which, as a rule, a significant mass of them is lost.



Eventually, instead of a huge boiler room, with many times higher capacity than the needs of the enterprise, we install a set of equipment, directly located near the actual workshop, to meet the needs of this site.





For example, thanks to our development and measures implementation in decentralization of production system of the coolant and compressed air at the car repair plant, the reduction in energy consumption was more than 45%.

In addition to this, there was developed the recovery system, that allows to remove the heat, generated during the operation of production equipment, which has a positive effect on the overall environmental situation at the plant.

Approaching the solution of issues in the field of industrial construction, our company assumes full responsibility for the commissioning of industrial facilities created by us, i.e. we carry out a full range of measures – from the development of optimal energy – saving technologies individually for each customer to the commissioning of the created facility, taking into account the provision of the entire package of operational documentation, including environmental protection.