“DEBORA-ELECTRO” has been developing keeping up with the times!

So, for today, our specialists have mastered additive production.

“DEBORA-ELECTRO” successfully manufactures endoprostheses and implants for medicine from Ti6Al4V material. Today these products are widely used in neurosurgery, maxillofacial surgery, orthopaedics, dentistry, oncology. Thanks to modern technologies and additive production lots of people got a hope and the opportunity to return to their normal life. We are proud to help them!

Prototyping on 3D printer

Moreover, “DEBORA-ELECTRO” successfully uses the practice of introducing additive technologies in its own developments, such as the production of copper ultra-thin heat exchangers and the production of copper conductors of a complex shape current on 3D printer, used in our own manufactured electrical products.

“DEBORA-ELECTRO” suggests services of metal products prototyping on 3D printer, which certainly is demanded by research institutes, laboratories, medical institutions, enterprises of machine-building complex before the product is put into serial production.